Mouse clicks not working in Windows 10 guest (Windows 7 host)

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Mouse clicks not working in Windows 10 guest (Windows 7 host)

Postby TC_PC » 10. May 2021, 00:11

I'm using a windows 10 guest running on a windows 7 host. Recently the mouse has started to act up and not run properly. I tried some of the suggestions offered here on the forums, but none seem to be a permanent fix.

The mouse is active (I can see the pointer and it reacts properly when hovering), but clicks are not working, except for the guest taskbar where it does work. Another thing I've noticed, once I start working in the guest machine window the mouse stops working for the menu. By clicking on the window in the host taskbar, I can regain control to menu but as soon as I click anywhere inside the guest machine window I lose menu control again.

Occasionally, the mouse will work just fine for a while after a fresh start, but ultimately it will always stop after some point. Additionally, the mouse will sometimes work in one monitor but not the other (I have a 2 monitor setup on both machines).

I am newbie to virtual machines, if more information is required to help find a solution, please let me know what additional info you need.

Thank you
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Re: Mouse clicks not working in Windows 10 guest (Windows 7 host)

Postby ScottMichaud » 11. May 2021, 15:21

I've seen (what I think is) the same issue. One workaround that worked for me is doing a few right-click / left-click / right-click / left-click spam clicks. Sometimes I'll get weird drag and drops and so forth, too... sometimes I will need to do that pretty much every 30 seconds.

It was annoying enough that I just rolled back the host (and guest additions) to 6.1.16.
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