WarpDrive Lags Guest

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WarpDrive Lags Guest

Postby Zg1s » 20. Apr 2021, 07:27

Hi i'm using Win 10 version 1909 64bit
I'm using virtualbox version 6.1.18 r142142 (Qt5.6.2)
Guest is en_windows_7_home_premium_n_x64_dvd_x16-13459

I am trying to use the warpdrivepercentage function to speed up time within the virtual machine. However, I noticed that whenever I adjust the percentage from 100, it causes the guest significant latency. The cursor movement is completely smooth, but most of the programs and sounds tend to stutter a lot, the former making some applications unusable.

Following 9.11 on the user guide, I enabled the command from 9.11.1, used 200 percentage for 9.11.2 and disabled the time synchronization for 9.11.4.
Experimenting with what causes the stuttering, it seems to be the warpdrivepercentage value being above 100. Setting it to 125 isn't as bad as 200 but it still seems to cause certain programs to not be able to progress.

I tried looking up my problem extensively with no result.
Does anybody know what is causing this and how I can create a functioning warpdrivepercentage guest?

PS: I apologize if the information provided is lacking. If so please let me know whatever is missing and how to obtain it. I'm as new to this as a freshly born baby. Just downloaded it today, and learned how to use the commands.
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Re: WarpDrive Lags Guest

Postby scottgus1 » 20. Apr 2021, 18:10

I have not tried "warpdrive", but the manual does say:
changing the rate of the virtual clock can confuse the guest and can even lead to abnormal guest behavior

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