Beta Releases older than final release?

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Beta Releases older than final release?

Postby TomL12953 » 3. Feb 2020, 13:54

I just went to
and it looks like the test builds are older than the latest version. How is that?
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Re: Beta Releases older than final release?

Postby scottgus1 » 9. Feb 2020, 18:21

If you are referring to there being no 6.1.x test builds, maybe there's a website glitch? I seem to remember someone trying 6.1.1 recently, which would seem to indicate a test build by the odd final version number, though that may have been a typo or fatfinger.

The test builds page does say there's channels to contact the developers if something on the page seems wrong.
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Re: Beta Releases older than final release?

Postby socratis » 10. Feb 2020, 17:15

The test builds are being built on a new-feature/bug-fix-to-test basis, not constantly. So, if a release takes place, and there's no need to test a feature or a bug fix, the test builds are going to be older than the release.

Scott: as for the 6.1.x test builds, just try the "Development Snapshots" and see what the filename looks like... ;)

When there will be a 6.2.x as a development version, I expect a separate table with the 6.1.x entries.
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