Windows 7 VM crashes on shutdown with 6.1.0-BETA1

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Windows 7 VM crashes on shutdown with 6.1.0-BETA1

Postby lwfinger » 5. Oct 2019, 02:35

When shutting down a Windows 7 VM, the machine aborts and presents the Error Recovery Screen when the VM is restarted. This result is the same whether the requested action was "shutdown" or "Restart". In the latter case, no automatic restart happens.

The logs for a run with this VM under 6.0.12 (works OK) and 6.1.0-BETA1 (fails) are attached.
Windows 7 Clone-6.1.0-BETA1.log
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Re: Windows 7 VM crashes on shutdown with 6.1.0-BETA1

Postby socratis » 5. Oct 2019, 07:25

Just FYI, I've seen it happening in my Win7/10 VMs as well. But it's random AFAICS, I don't have a pattern unfortunately...

PS. For future reference you should ZIP your logs. It helps you, it helps us, it helps the server, it helps save a (virtual) tree or two... ;)
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