VirtualBox 4.2 released

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VirtualBox 4.2 released

Postby Frank Mehnert » 14. Sep 2012, 09:25

The VirtualBox team today released a significant new version of Oracle VM VirtualBox, its high performance, cross-platform virtualization software.

Please read the official press release!
Find here the list of changes since VirtualBox 4.1.

You can download the binaries here.

We would like to thank all our Beta testers for their valuable feedback!

Here is an incomplete list of fixes since VirtualBox 4.1 RC4:
  • 3D: don't show a flashing window on VM creation
  • EFI: fixed booting of 64-bit guests with nested paging disabled (RC1 regression)
  • Guest Control: minor fixes
  • Max OS X hosts: fixed VERR_NO_MEMORY when loading VMMR0.r0 (4.1.16 regression, only relevant for Snow Leopard, bug 10631
  • Mac OS X hosts: fixed installer picture
  • Linux hosts: fixed compilation against Linux 3.6 with CONFIG_IOMMU_API disabled
  • Linux installer: force umask 022 during the installation (generic installer only)
  • X11 Additions: cleanup of header dependencies
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