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Re: Easy extpack

Postby Sasquatch » 18. Jul 2011, 22:47

So maybe an option to install Oracle's extpack from the GUI? Or use VBoxManage for it? In the topic about proxy I saw a post from either you or another dev that stated that the proxy will be needed for downloading the extpack. Since I haven't seen such an option in the GUI, will that be a future feature?
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Re: Easy extpack

Postby mpack » 19. Jul 2011, 11:16

Sasquatch wrote:Here you go again, generalising a group

No, I'm stating legal and technical facts. Fact: there is no pressure on Windows users or developers to comform to GPL. Fact: there are no automated software repositories serving Windows users which insist on carrying only open source software (quite the contrary in fact!). Therefore GPL compliance in apps such as Virtualbox is largely a non-issue for Windows users. "Free" they may care about, "GPL" they don't. "Open Source" some like me will care about, but I don't know how much Jane Smith in the office will care.

This has nothing whatever to do with whether Windows users want to use GPL software: I have really no idea where you got that from, it certainly wasn't from anything I wrote. If the software is any good they will want to use it. Especially if it's free. Does GPL affect their choice? I doubt it very much.
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Re: Easy extpack

Postby Martin » 19. Jul 2011, 11:21

As far as I understand the problem is not on the user side. The vendor is not allowed to ship GPL and proprietary code together.
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