VirtualBox 4.1 Beta 3 released

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VirtualBox 4.1 Beta 3 released

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Please do NOT use this VirtualBox Beta release on production machines. A VirtualBox Beta release should be considered a bleeding-edge release meant for early evaluation and testing purposes.

You can download the binaries here.

Please do NOT open bug reports at but use our VirtualBox Beta Feedback forum to report any problems with the Beta. Please concentrate on reporting regressions since VirtualBox 4.0.10 / VirtualBox 4.1 Beta 2.

The following items were fixed / added since the VirtualBox 4.1 Beta 2:
  • GUI: reworked media type change dialog
  • GUI: when cloning or importing a VM, let the user decide if he wants to change the MAC addresses of the network adapters
  • GUI: allow to change generic networking properties during runtime
  • GUI: allow to configure the port count of SATA controllers (required for SATA hotplugging)
  • Cloning: allow linked cloning (see VBoxManage clonevm, GUI support will follow)
  • Cloning: rename the disks in the clone
  • PCI passthrough: allow to start the VM if the ICH9 chipset is enabled and the extension pack is not available (Beta 2 regression)
  • VBoxManage: more convenient configuration of storage controller attachments by automatically determining the port or device parameter when a storage controller has only one port or device per port
  • VBoxManage guestcontrol fixes
  • Storage: fixed access to CD/DVD images beyond 4GB when using the SATA controller (bug #8592)
  • Networking: fixed the problem with segmentation offloading when several VMs are transmitting in parallel
  • WDDM fixes
  • Mac OS X hosts: fix for non-VT-x mode on Lion
  • Solaris hosts: fixed for recent S11 versions