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VirtualBox 4.0.0 Beta 1 Known Issues

Postby Technologov » 7. Dec 2010, 18:40

VirtualBox 4.0.0 Beta 1 Known Issues

1. [non-regression] 3D Acceleration: Windows XP x64 fails - link
2. [FIXED] Desktop Shortcuts: Not created on Linux/KDE3 - link
3. Linux additions are partially broken -- link -- backup before you install
4. [INVALID] Scaling Mode works partially
5. [FIXED] Old VMs don't run without "Ext Pack" - link
6. [UNREPRODUCIBLE] 3D Acceleration: Regression: some textures now render incorrectly - link
7. [FIXED] Intel HDA Audio: Sound is choppy - link
8. [FIXED] 3D Acceleration: Vista Explorer always crashes on boot - link
9. [FIXED] Portability: Sytem path must be changed to "/" - link
10. [FIXED] 3D Acceleration: Regression: Direct3D stopped working - link
FIXED partially
11. [INVALID] "cpuexecutioncap" affects Audio performance - link
12. [non-regression] 2D Video Acceleration: graphics corrupted - link
13. [FIXED] Cannot take Snapshot - link
14. [FIXED] Even more VRAM needed? - link

As of now "3D Acceleration" is responsible for large chunk of all problems.

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