OSS output module not working

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OSS output module not working

Postby despair86 » 30. Jul 2019, 02:42

Currently using OI-hipster (May '19 + patches), PulseAudio is compiled into this build by downstream packaging. This works, but eventually begins falling behind as guest uptime increases. Linux dmesg output complains of lost APIC/HPET ticks (this may be important later on). Eventually some Linux-only RTC apps are unusable because the host-guest audio input is so far behind. Switching to the PIIX4 chipset does not improve this delay (more information is forthcoming, but i don't have any recent guest logs at this time)

However, OSS audio simply fails. No input, no output when guest is booted with this option. Furthermore, this is the only host program that cannot use OSS properly. VLC, mpv, and other multimedia apps work fine when switched to OSS audio.

Attached is a log with audio debug enabled, showing VBox unable to open an OSS stream. Currently using a USB Audio headset (usb_ac/usb_as), this even works fine in a native port of Mumble.

00:00:59.945593 Audio: Requested host recording format for '[OSSAudio] Mic-In': 48000Hz, 16S, 2 Channels
00:00:59.945641 Audio: Using default period size (50ms, 2400 frames) for stream '[OSSAudio] Mic-In'
00:00:59.945653 Audio: Using default buffer size (250ms, 12000 frames) for stream '[OSSAudio] Mic-In'
00:00:59.945664 Audio: Using default pre-buffering size (250ms, 12000 frames) for stream '[OSSAudio] Mic-In'
00:00:59.955550 Audio: Stream '[OSSAudio] Mic-In' could not be created in backend because of missing hardware / drivers
00:01:00.284117 AC97: Setting Front DAC rate when VRA is not set is forbidden, ignoring
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Re: OSS output module not working

Postby stes » 8. Aug 2019, 12:48

I'm not fully understanding the problem that you are reporting, but it reminds me of the open issue :


called "Vbox6.0.0Beta2: No audio with OL7.5 guest on Solaris 11.3 host".

In your case, is it correct please that you are using an OpenIndiana host with Virtualbox (which version?) running on OpenIndiana and that you are using a Linux guest (which Linux type or version?) on the OpenIndiana host ?

Or is it exactly the other way around, a Linux host with an OpenIndiana guest ?
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