support for EVS virtual switch ?

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support for EVS virtual switch ?

Postby stes » 28. May 2019, 20:58


The EVS virtual switch software seems an interesting feature of Solaris to define multiple Solaris hosts and a virtual network between them.

Is there a way to set the EVS virtual switch and vport virtual port on a NIC in virtualbox ? For example settings on the NIC level in VirtualBox ...

for kernel zones there is:

set evs=<evs name>
clear evs
set vport=<vport name>
clear vport

The way I think it could be done in VirtualBox is to dladm create-vnic -t (temporary) on the vport but those are temporary vnics that seem to be displayed in VirtualBox but this is not persistent so ideally VirtualBox would create itself a nic at the dladm level for the NIC at the VirtualBox level ...
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