Blue feet

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Blue feet

Postby ReneM » 1. Feb 2018, 15:00

Colors are wrong via Sunray on solaris11.3, OVDC on windows and Virtualbox 5.1.24.
Windows -> OVDC -> SunRay server -> Solaris11.3 -> VirtualBox

VirtualBox 5.1.22 works fine.
It is already visible on the logo when VirtualBox is started.
From 5.1.24, and onwards, the feed of the pinguing are blue instead of yellow.

All guests and everything else show wrong colors.
VirtualBox newer than 5.1.22 on Solaris with sunray is not usable for me (and maybe others)
All next versions have the problem (I tested almost all of them).

The wrong colors (Blue feet) 5.1.24 and later.

The right colors (Yellow feet) 5.1.22 and before.
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