Configuring Vbox on Solaris host with multiple NICs

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Configuring Vbox on Solaris host with multiple NICs

Postby sunpropellerhead » 14. Sep 2017, 20:43

I am running Solaris 11.3 x86 with 5 physical NICs; 1 on the motherboard and a 4 port PCIe expansion card.
I would like one NIC for the Solaris global zone and 4 NICs dedicated exclusively to 4 VMs. I don't have any
problems with getting the NICs to the VMs. The problem is with the global zone. I do not want visibility into
the global zone really with any of the NICs. The NIC on the motherboard I use occasionally for limited ethernet
activity to my firewall. I really want the Global zone similar to a control-LDOM. I have a 5240 which the controling
LDOM is only reachable through a console serial connection. Nothing from the outside can get to it. The other LDOMS
communicate through their own dedicated ethernet connections. Is there a way to accomplish the same thing with
vbox on an x86? Thanks.

-- sunpropellerhead
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