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Update VBox 2.2.4

Postby kronnopio » 22. Aug 2012, 20:31

I have a server with VBox installed 2.2.4r47978 version, which I want to upgrade to a better version, is installed on a SunOS 5.10.

There's VM of Win2000 and clone VM always fails. I probe with another version of Vbox and it works, but I have to upgrade this server.

There are some instructive? or recommendation?

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Re: Update VBox 2.2.4

Postby mpack » 23. Aug 2012, 09:28

I'm not sure what "clone VM always fails" means: VirtualBox 2.2.4 did not offer a clone VM feature. It did offer a clonehd feature, but then success or failure would depend only on the operator doing it right, starting by cloning the correct disk.

It should be possible to simply install the new version of VirtualBox on the same PC, since VBox is backwards compatible. You should however uninstall 2.2.4 before installing the new major version. Uninstalling VirtualBox will not harm existing data folders, which is where the VMs are stored.

I would however recommend backing up your .VirtualBox folder before you start, i.e. make sure you can backtrack.
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