Shared Folders - Setting the UID-GID

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Shared Folders - Setting the UID-GID

Postby QuickX » 27. Jun 2012, 22:32

When using the shared folder feature, what is the proper procedure for setting the UID-GID used to save files to the host?

Host: Solaris 11 11/11
Guest: Windows 7 x64
VBox: 4.1.18

Scenario: I have an existing share folder used by a bunch of people. Files in here are all getting created by (nobody4/nogroup) (anonymous NFS mapped account). Ideally I'd like virtualbox to use this same account when writing files. I'm assuming I'll have to have everyone run vbox as this account, but, hoping something else is in place for my setup so that users can just run vbox with their own account. Maybe there is a .conf file option somewhere I can edit so that a single daemon (instead of the whole vbox) is run under that one account?

Or some other procedure used for this type of setup? Ideally I was hoping the network share in the guest would take a username/password but I couldn't seem to get it to take a uid-password.

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