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Guest Additions

Postby mhab11 » 23. Apr 2012, 17:49

I have a Solaris10 box that is running 4.0.8 with W2008r2 installed. I wanted to install guest additions and wanted to know if I can use a new version of the ISO that I got from my other install of 4.1.12 or do I have to use the one that came with that version?
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Re: Guest Additions

Postby Perryg » 23. Apr 2012, 17:53

Not a good idea to use anything other than the one that matches the version of VBox you have. While it may work using older GAs it more than likely will render the guest useless if you try to use newer versions of the GAs.
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Re: Guest Additions

Postby Ramshankar » 23. Apr 2012, 18:49

You could always take a snapshot, try newer additions, if it doesn't work revert to the snapshot.
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