Unable to boot intel guest on amd

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Unable to boot intel guest on amd

Postby louann » 1. Nov 2011, 00:55

I am running VirtualBox 4.1.4 on Solaris 11 snv_175b and on a Intel box. I created a Solaris 11 guest using Oracle Solaris 10 10/09 and later (64 bit). There is no Solaris 11 selection. I then export the guest and try to import it on a AMD box. The booting of the guest on AMD just continually restarts with the following message until the machine is powered off.

WARNING: init(1M) exited on fatal signal 9: restarting automatically

This same guest works fine on a different Intel box.

If I create the Solaris 11 guest on a AMD box, the same thing happens when I export it and try and run the guest on a Intel box.

I do have Enable VT-x/AMD-V enables.

How can I create a Solaris 11 64-bit guest that will work on both Intel and AMD? Is it possible?


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Re: Unable to boot intel guest on amd

Postby sysprv » 23. Jul 2012, 20:16

Hi Lou Ann, I wonder if you found a solution to this.

I know next to nothing about Solaris - is it possible that it's saving some cpu-specific config information, and crashes when the saved config doesn't match what it's running on?

I keep my VMs on a portable hdd. Intel CPU at work, AMD at home. Seeing the same problem as you, but without importing/exporting.

I suppose I'll try out VMware Workstation when I get to work tomorrow.

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Re: Unable to boot intel guest on amd

Postby Ramshankar » 24. Jul 2012, 08:00

This is a bug in the Solaris 11 (snv 175) installer (and not in VirtualBox*) which loopback mounts hardware optimized libc. The generic libc (/lib/libc.so.1 when not loop-back mounted) isn't installed because what is installed is the AMD-specific libc, which then doesn't work on the Intel box. One workaround is to unmount /lib/libc.so.1 before running the Solaris installer from the CD to the virtual disk.

This has been fixed in subsequent internal Solaris 11 builds.

* VMWare would exhibit the same behaviour (i.e. with AMD install to Intel switch).
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