VB 4.0.6 + SGD = freeze

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VB 4.0.6 + SGD = freeze

Postby Virtual69 » 3. May 2011, 21:31

I have been running Virtual Box on a Open Solaris 151a system for quite some time w/o issue. I run VB inside an SGD (Secure Global Desktop) redisplayed to my Windows 7 system. All of this has worked well for quite some time.

Yesterday I fired up VB and was notified of the 4.0.6 update. So I updated to 4.0.6 (from 4.0.4) restarted VB. Now when I start my guest, the SGD environment freezes. VirtualBox goes to 100% CPU on it's thread. I have to kill it to get my SGD environment to respond again.

I tried downgrading to 4.0.4 and even 4.0.2, but I'm still getting the same problem.

My SGD build is 4.60.911 which I've been using since Jan 25 wVB w/o issue.

How can I go about trouble shooting this?
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Re: VB 4.0.6 + SGD = freeze

Postby kebabbert » 12. May 2011, 15:44

What is SGD? What is the purpose of it, and what does it allow you to do?

Regarding roll back, have you not made any BE (Boot Environments)??? That is the first thing you should do, after install. And before you install anything. When you get this mess sorted out and everything works, make a BE asap.
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