3D Acceleration

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3D Acceleration

Postby seano2 » 21. Feb 2011, 08:31

Hi all,

I have serveral VM's running at a school that want to use a game that uses DirectX 9.0.

Host is Solaris, Guests are Windows 7. All machines are running as VBoxHeadless sessions connect to by a Whitebrand RDP client on the VRDP port of the VBoxHeadless session.

The performance of the game is dismal (expected), and I am guessing that 3D Acceleration won't make a difference, because of the setup. I am correct in assuming that the 3D acceleration only works if you are running on the guest on a host via the gui so it can pass through the 3d bits directly to the video HW ?

Is there a solution to this or do I tell them not to run the game ?

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Re: 3D Acceleration

Postby kebabbert » 21. Feb 2011, 14:43

I have no idead, but maybe Wine could do something?
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