Windows Client w/ 2+ CPUs thrashes

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Windows Client w/ 2+ CPUs thrashes

Postby apljavaman » 30. Dec 2010, 15:06

I've seen this problem for a while, and our solution has been only to use 1 CPU for a windows guest.... I notice that it still exists in VBox 4.0.0

If you assign 1 CPU to a windows guest (XP or Win 7), everything works fine, but the more CPUs you assign to the guest, the slower it goes. A little nosing around shows that the task manager shows all of the CPUs you assign seeming to have very similar (but not completely identical) load curves. So, assigning 4 CPUs to a Windows guest basically has the guest crawling along, with the CPU loading being fairly high even while idle.

I'm using Solaris 11 Express, VirtualBox 4.0.0, with the Guest additions installed on the Windows client
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Re: Windows Client w/ 2+ CPUs thrashes

Postby guyverdh » 7. Jan 2011, 23:04

Currently running VBox 4.0.0 on a Lenovo T510 with Solaris 11 Express as the host OS, Windows XP SP3 x32 as the client, 3 CPUs assigned, no thrashing witnessed.

This VM was converted as a P2V using VMWare's converter utility from an older laptop image, so it was built from a multi-cpu/multi-thread image to begin with.
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