VirtualBox performance hit

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VirtualBox performance hit

Postby half12 » 27. Nov 2010, 12:29


During a planned upgrade of my home computer I added an LSI SAS 9211-4i card to handle my RAID1 boot drive unfortunately after creating the logical drive, my system failed to boot with a "no enough memory to copy PCI Option ROM [80:01:00)". As a result of the failed upgrade, I had to re-install OpenIndiana b147and noticed how quick my computer was. After installing VirtualBox 3.2.10 again, the computer is so slow. I did not notice it before as I had installed other versions of VirtualBox installed and just upgraded each time.
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Re: VirtualBox performance hit

Postby kebabbert » 27. Nov 2010, 16:45

Off topic, why are you using Raid1 for your system disc? That is not necessary. Do not use the raid card, and instead use ZFS mirror on your system discs. I suspect it will be quick again.
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