Can not attach a 'dvddrive' to a 'scsi' storage controller?

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Can not attach a 'dvddrive' to a 'scsi' storage controller?

Postby bthalmayr » 15. Jan 2010, 15:16

Hi experts, I'm using VirtualBox 3.1.2 on a Solaris 10 Upd 8 host.

Trying to attach a 'dvddrive' to a 'scsi' storage controller fails ...

Creating a storage controller works using:
VBoxManage storagectl <vmname> --name RSCSI --add scsi

Attaching a virtual harddisk image works:
VBoxManage storageattach <vmname> --storagectl RSCSI --port 0 --device 0 --type hdd --medium <path-to-vdi-file>

However attaching an dvd-iso-image does not work:
VBoxManage storageattach <vmname> --storagectl RSCSI --port 1 --device 0 --type dvddrive --medium <path-to-iso-dvd-file>

error: The Attachment is not supported by the Storage Controller: 'RSCSI'

Is this a general issue / user issue or a documentation issue?

TIA, Bernhard
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Re: Can not attach a 'dvddrive' to a 'scsi' storage controller?

Postby aarias239 » 3. Feb 2010, 04:24

I am having a similar problem on a Centos5.4 host and a Debian lenny guest. I am using the default IntelAhci controller type. Have you made any headway with this issue? Any suggestions would be great.
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Re: Can not attach a 'dvddrive' to a 'scsi' storage controller?

Postby henriquetft » 24. Nov 2010, 01:42

I'm using version 3.2.10 on Debian Squeeze and the same occurs. It is also strange that exit status from this command is zero, even with this error :S
But it's ok with IDE controller ...
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Re: Can not attach a 'dvddrive' to a 'scsi' storage controller?

Postby Sasquatch » 24. Nov 2010, 20:37

SCSI CDROM is not supported. It can cause major issues on Windows Guests when this is allowed, as the installation could very well start, but once the setup tries to read from the disc, it will fail due to the missing driver. Also, not all guests support it even though they support the controller itself. It's also very rare thing to have. All I know about CD drives is that they are attached by IDE, SATA, USB or FireWire (latter two for external use).
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