TAP/TUN driver in OS/2: Useful/Useable for VPN?

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TAP/TUN driver in OS/2: Useful/Useable for VPN?

Postby LewisR » 15. Sep 2008, 01:23

I'm working on an updated (GCC) port of OpenVPN. Unfortunately, it wants to talk to /dev/tun (0-255) and not Pasha's Tap/Tun driver.

As I'm not at a skill level of devising my own TAP/TUN driver, I was wondering about using the one from vbox. So...
    Is it feasible to use it as a tun interface (point-to-point, vs tap, which is ethernet), i.e., is it truly a TAP/TUN driver or (simply) a TAP driver?
    What are the licensing restrictions on the driver (vs the entire vbox package)?

Any thoughts on this?

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