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Ubuntu and XP guests

PostPosted: 15. Sep 2008, 00:38
by 44tr
I'm pretty new to GNU/Linux, but I'm intrigued by the possibilities of virtual box. Currently running Ubuntu 8.04, I would like to run both XP and a testing version of Ubuntu as virtual machines (not simultaneously).

Question 1: is this hard to get going or a piece of cake (follow the wizards and done ...)?

Question 2: after I get virtual machines set up and working, if I upgrade or compile my kernel from source (using generic right now), will this break my virtual machines?

I am moving to primarily use Ubuntu, but need Windows XP for a while yet since it does a few things I must have. Hoping to run these critical apps in the virtual box so I don't have to dual boot and don't have to reboot every time I need an XP app. Is this realistic for a newbie that doesn't have days to spend in the forums trying to figure out what is going on? My general technical level is pretty good. Thanks.

PostPosted: 15. Sep 2008, 21:29
by Sasquatch
1: You can create a VM with the wizard. Then look at the options and set what you think is needed and mount the CD or ISO of XP and start the VM. Rest runs like a normal PC.

2: Unless you have DKMS installed, you need to compile the kernel modules manually each time you update/change your kernel. Of course if you already compiled the module for the Generic kernel, install a different flavour, like 386 and reboot back to the generic, it's not needed, as the module was already built. Until you upgrade the kernel again.

Still need a bit more

PostPosted: 16. Sep 2008, 03:27
by 44tr
Question one is clear enough. I got the impression I needed to install "extras" from inside the program too. Wizard?

On the second point, that went by me a little fast. Are you saying that if I compile a custom kernel for my machine instead of just using the generic one or if I upgrade to 2.6.20 or something, that I have to recompile the virtualbox program? Which modules are you refering to. I just don't want to break the Windows install if I start using it for something important, but I also don't want to never upgrade Ubuntu. It sounds like there is a fix without losing information (VM separate from program?); I will just need to ask for help when I get to that point. Yes?

PostPosted: 16. Sep 2008, 19:57
by Sasquatch
The second point is that the program won't load without the kernel module. The VM will be intact for as long as you don't screw it up :P. If you change from your currently installed kernel and VB is running in that, you need to compile the kernel module for VB for the new kernel. You can either use synaptic to re-install it (when it's from a basic kernel in the repo) or comile it manually if you build a custom kernel. Either way, it would be best not to use the OSE for this, as the PUEL version (the binary) has a compiler of it's own so you can run one command and it will work again (if you have the packages to create kernel modules like the source). See the Manual for this.

PostPosted: 17. Sep 2008, 18:16
by 44tr
Thanks. I'll try PUEL instead.