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How do I buy Guest Additions for VBox OSE?

PostPosted: 11. Sep 2008, 18:02
by ryanv

I'm using VBox OSE on my Ubuntu 8.04 desktop in a non-personal capacity and I'm very, very happy with this arrangement. However, I really love the features that the Guest Additions package provides, but I notice it's under the Personal Use and Evaluation License. Well, I've evaluated it and I love it.

My question is: How do I license the Guest Additions package for commercial use? It appears that since Innotek was sold to Sun, the Guest Additions package is no longer for sale.

Is this accurate? Can you only use Guest Additions for personal use or evaluation? Is there no option to buy a license for commercial use anymore?

What are people doing that need the Guest Additions features in a commercial environment? Is everyone just buying the commercial version of VirtualBox instead?

What if I were to continue using VirtualBox OSE and Guest Additions, but buy a license for the commercial edition? Is that a legitimate licensing arrangement?

Thanks so much for such a great product!

PostPosted: 11. Sep 2008, 22:45
by Sasquatch
The GA is a part of VB. It should be supplied with the OSE package too. Either way, if you want to buy a licence just for the GA, go with the full package (that is with the binary version).

PostPosted: 12. Sep 2008, 01:48
by TerryE
The Ubuntu distro includes the OSE GA which you can just apt-get install without usage restriction. But if I were you I'd read the licensing page again. PEUL includes commercial use as long as the licence is personally installed by the user and not as part of some system administrator roll-out.

Sun are still in a dither over SME unitary pricing for VBox.