Vbox 6.0.8 failed with:cannot open include file: 'GLES2/gl2.h'

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Vbox 6.0.8 failed with:cannot open include file: 'GLES2/gl2.h'

Postby Weedon » 18. Aug 2019, 09:38

Compile environment: Win7 64 bit + vs2010 + qt 5.6.3
While building vbox for vbox-6.0.8, an OpenglES error message shown:
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ngl/qopengl.h(104) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'GLES2/gl2.h':
 No such file or directory
kmk: *** [C:/Users/Jhoner/Desktop/vbox/vbox/vbox/kBuild/footer-pass2-compiling-t
argets.kmk:277: C:/Users/Jhoner/Desktop/vbox/vbox/vbox/out/win.amd64/release/obj
/VBoxOGL2D/src/VBoxGLSupportInfo.obj] Error 2 (0x2)

Have no idea where the error come from, I have build Qt5.6.3 by vs2010 successfully.
Anyone can help me ? thanks.
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