REXX Scroller Widget hangs eCenter/xCenter when vbox QT runs

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REXX Scroller Widget hangs eCenter/xCenter when vbox QT runs

Postby LewisR » 9. Sep 2008, 21:49

Sorry for the long topic header...

Has anyone else seen this?

eCS 1.2R...

I was using a REXX scroller widget (1.30) under xCenter (xWP 1.0.8) for my SeaMonkey mail notifier (thanks, Herwig). The double-click action was defined to open MailNews if not already running.

With vbox 1.6.1 (QT), even without a VM running, clicking on the REXX scroller (single or double click) causes xCenter to hang. The rest of the system is stable, and indeed a desktop reset and subsequent restart of xCenter restores it to normal functionality - except for the REXX scroller.

I haven't tested this with any other ported QT apps, nor have I tried it with the SDL executable, so without doing any further investigating, I figured I'd just throw this one out to see if I'm the only lucky one so far...

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