I need to use at least 4 VBox sessions simultaneously...

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I need to use at least 4 VBox sessions simultaneously...

Postby NNYITGuy » 8. Sep 2008, 03:46

Hi everyone,

Just installed v1.6.1 and I really like what I see! I have VPC/2 on the same host. I wnat to convert all my VPC/2 sessions to VBox and then use SMP on a new AMD QuadCore.

My current test show that I can run only 1 VBox client vm. The vm session for the second tells me what is pasted below. I have tried reversing the start order and the same message shows to the corresponding client vm.

VirtualBox - Error
X Failed to start the virtual machine test-xp1 <--My second vm o start...

Failed to load VMMR0.r0.
VBox status code: -2 (VERR_INVALID_PARAMETER).

Result Code:
IConsole {d5a1cbda-f5d7-4824-9afe-d640c94c7dcf}

Is this a limitation of OSE, or am I missing something here???

Want to thank all those who have participated in making this technology a REALITY!

Best regards,
Todd Simpson
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Postby dmcgraw » 8. Sep 2008, 04:40

You are really going to have to give some more details about your configuration/settings and what you are trying to do.
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Postby Sasquatch » 8. Sep 2008, 21:49

See the Forum Posting Guide for help framing questions. It also describes what we need to help you.

Did you also try to update VB to a newer version. Also, 1.6.1 is a developers release and is not out for the public to use. Every odd numbered version of VB is not a public release (up to this point, might change some day). Or at least it's referred to as a non-stable release.
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