Compiling Error - QT

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Compiling Error - QT

Postby setokaiba » 7. Nov 2018, 02:10

I'm trying compile VBox OSE at W7 x64 but in configure log i get
# End of Output
** libcurl32: C:/VBox/curl32
***** Checking for Qt5 *****
Checking for user specified path of Qt5 ...
trying: strPathQt5=C:/VBox/qt-5.6.0/qtbase
Testing 'C:/VBox/qt-5.6.0/qtbase': bin/uic.exe not found
Testing 'C:/VBox/qt-5.6.0/qtbase': lib/Qt5CoreVBox.lib not found
Testing 'C:/VBox/qt-5.6.0/qtbase': lib/Qt5NetworkVBox.lib not found
trying: strPathQt5=C:/VBox/tools/win.amd64/qt/v5.5.1-r138
Testing 'C:/VBox/tools/win.amd64/qt/v5.5.1-r138': bin/moc.exe not found
Testing 'C:/VBox/tools/win.amd64/qt/v5.5.1-r138': bin/uic.exe not found
Testing 'C:/VBox/tools/win.amd64/qt/v5.5.1-r138': include/QtWidgets/qwidget.h not found
Testing 'C:/VBox/tools/win.amd64/qt/v5.5.1-r138': include/QtWidgets/QApplication not found
Testing 'C:/VBox/tools/win.amd64/qt/v5.5.1-r138': include/QtGui/QImage not found
Testing 'C:/VBox/tools/win.amd64/qt/v5.5.1-r138': include/QtNetwork/QHostAddress not found
Testing 'C:/VBox/tools/win.amd64/qt/v5.5.1-r138': lib/Qt5Core.lib not found
Testing 'C:/VBox/tools/win.amd64/qt/v5.5.1-r138': lib/Qt5CoreVBox.lib not found
Testing 'C:/VBox/tools/win.amd64/qt/v5.5.1-r138': lib/Qt5Network.lib not found
Testing 'C:/VBox/tools/win.amd64/qt/v5.5.1-r138': lib/Qt5NetworkVBox.lib not found
** Qt5: not found

How can fix this, i use compiled qt 5.6 but everytime i get this
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Re: Compiling Error - QT

Postby mhanor » 8. Nov 2018, 21:04

The messages are quite clear. The configure script expects those files to be in a certain path. If it doesn't find one or more files on the first path, it searches them on a 2nd path and so on. You can see in your text log, the configure script has picked the first path to look for those files, when it reported 'trying: strPathQt5=C:/VBox/qt-5.6.0/qtbase'. Three lines lower you can see that it has moved to a 2nd path because it could find three files on the first path.
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