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checkout svn branch

Postby Cwood » 28. Apr 2018, 07:56

How to checkout a specific revision from SVN like 5.2.10-122406 / 5.1.36-122416?
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Re: checkout svn branch

Postby socratis » 28. Apr 2018, 09:11

The public trunk and the release trunk are not the same. You could download specific trunk revisions from the public trunk, but they don't match the release branch. The public trunk is what you'd call "the next version of VirtualBox". For checking specific svn revisions from the trunk, start searching/reading how to use "svn update --revision REV".

On the other hand if you want specific releases/versions, that match exactly the public releases, you can download the release branch source code directly from the "Downloads" page (and the older builds page). Every release version has a copy of the source code that was used to build that release. Example:

And because I think you're going to ask, "Why the differences?", I can give you an example. If there are security patches (for example), they do *not* show in the public trunk, they are kept in VirtualBox's internal trunk. When the "internal" trunk, becomes the "release" trunk, then they can update the "public" trunk and publish the security changes.
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