Logging facility explanation

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Logging facility explanation

Postby Yurii Cherkasov » 29. Mar 2018, 08:15


Intro: VirtualBox-5.2.2-r119230-MultiArch compiled in Release configuration and installed on Windows 7 x64.

Trying to enable all possible logging (VirtualBox.exe, VBoxSVC.exe, ring-0 context).

Added env variables as described in documentation
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Severity of logs which located in $HOME/.VirtulaBox seems to be not very deep. Is there analog of INF0/WARN/DEBUG/TRACE flags in IPRT logging module?
How to enable all possible output from GUI and service?

The next problem is with ring-0 context. VirtualBox is compiled with
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instruction in LocalConfig.kmk
According to documentation
When using this hack the ring-0 logger will mostly use the same settings as the ring-3 logger
. Not sure what does it mean, and don't see in .VirtualBox dir any logs look like they came from drivers.
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