OpenSSL library discrepancy

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OpenSSL library discrepancy

Postby cooro » 12. Nov 2015, 09:14

I built VBox 5.0.2. However, when I run my build, it fails. Debugging shows that the failure is from the VBoxRT.dll that lacks some openssl functions. With the built VBoxRT.dll replaced with the official one from Oracle, my build runs.

In src/VBox/Runtime/Makefile.kmk, line 1421, it has:

$(PATH_SUB_CURRENT)/r3/win/$(if $(VBOX_OSE),VBoxRT-openssl-ose.def,VBoxRT-openssl.def)

The OSE version has a different def file from the official version. I compared the two def files, VBoxRT-openssl-ose.def and VBoxRT-openssl.def. VBoxRT-openssl.def has more library calls defined.

Why there are two versions DEF files for OpenSSL library, with the OSE version has less calls?

The OpenSSL library that I used is the one I built following the instructions found in this forum. But it seems missing some library calls. Does Oracle use another more complete OpenSSL library?
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