USB is enabled in VBox GUI but not in my VM

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Re: USB is enabled in VBox GUI but not in my VM

Postby RicV » 14. Oct 2015, 19:59

For the sake of closure on this issue...

After some experimentation, I have ruled out most of the potential culprits that I listed above. Specifically, I have proven that the following are not relevant: SVN checkout vs. OSE tarball; hardened vs. unhardened; setting or omitting LOG_ENABLED=1; the root directory in which the thing was built.

So apparently the important difference was running from the /bin directory within the build environment vs. running an installed version. Perhaps I missed some step that's required to run from the build directory with ext pack enabled, though it appeared to work well otherwise, or perhaps the ext pack does not work when applied to VBox in the build directory.

I am not inclined to pursue it further. I am content to build and run the VBox installer per Perry's instructions above instead of following the less comprehensive instructions on the Virtual Box website.

1,000,000 thanks to Perry, for helping me get through this.
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