Developing VirtualBox using an IDE?

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Developing VirtualBox using an IDE?

Postby MickDeveloper » 1. Oct 2015, 01:21

I thnk I already know the answer, but I'm throwing it out there anyway ...

I'd like to work on some modifications to VirtualBox 5, but too many years of working in various IDEs (Eclipse, XCode, Netbeans, etc.), has made me lazy - I miss text completion, syntax coloring, all the things that make an IDE so much easier to work with than a text editor/make/compiler/debugger.

I'm mostly interested in making some changes to the Frontend code (menus, window displaying, etc). I understand that major chunks are implemented in C++ with Qt foundation classes, so I guess the obvious IDE to use would be Qt Creator, but with KBuild as the underlying build system, I'm sure it's non-trivial.

So, has anyone ever worked with VirtualBox source using an IDE, and if so, what would be the best way to import and get a working code base with an IDE (in a Mac OS X environment)?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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