Any OSE release is a fork

Discussions related to using the OSE version of VirtualBox.

Any OSE release is a fork

Postby Technologov » 21. May 2015, 01:42

Whenever mr. Mpack realizes this or not. Any OSE release is a fork.
If forks are not allowed, it is time to close down this VirtualBox OSE forum.

I believe VirtualBox OSE forum should exist especially for hacks and forks.

In the meantime, I have migrated VirtualBox_TE to my own forum:
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Re: Any OSE release is a fork

Postby noteirak » 21. May 2015, 11:05

Not to confuse anyone, the description of the VirtualBox OSE forum is: "Discussions related to using the OSE version of VirtualBox."
There is no forum to talk about forks, I think that should be the hint...
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Re: Any OSE release is a fork

Postby mpack » 21. May 2015, 12:08

No, my distributing and recompiling the OSE edition - and even modifying it for my own use - does not constitute a fork in any practical sense.

If I start distributing a modified version of VirtualBox (or distributing the patches to do so), then it becomes a fork. In any case we are only concerned about the latter.
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