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Toolgate in VirtualBox (Is it HGCM?)

PostPosted: 15. Aug 2014, 20:45
by Awant
Hello everyone!
I'm trying to find a way through which a guest and a host OS can transfer a buffer. I want to have a client (on guest OS) and server (on host OS). So I drew attention to the HGCM, but for me it doesn't seem easy. Because you have to install guest additions (it is not always possible - for example - android is guestOS) and it is another problem - in SDKRef.pdf in chapter 7.1 we can read that "The physical address is passed to the VMM device using a 32 bit out edx, eax instruction." - But in sources I can't find this place. Is there a simpler way to communicate guest and host? (not via local network ofcourse).