eMMC device emulation

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eMMC device emulation

Postby kernel32 » 22. Mar 2014, 14:42

Hello everyone! I have a question related to the storage subsystem. I have an idea of integrating one of the existing models of eMMC device into the vbox source. As far as I know, vbox implements just SCSI subsystem for all the storage devices while I need to create separate MMC subsystem. Well, my question is: is it ok for vbox to support 2 different I/O subsystems (SCSI and MMC) in parallel or the SCSI subsystem is hardly integrated into the code? And how difficult actually this task may be? Hope to get any answer or at least a small hint :)
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Re: eMMC device emulation

Postby aeichner » 24. Mar 2014, 16:23


VBox already supports multiple storage standards. SATA and IDE don't use SCSI but the ATA Command set though it is directly integrated into the device emulations instead of a separate driver like for SCSI. The integration should not be too hard, you can check https://www.virtualbox.org/changeset/48983/vbox and take that as a guide for the integration. The changeset should give you all the neccessary places to adapt for your device in the Main API though you can't just take it and replace everything with eMMC because the USB device is a bit special. If you have further questions I recommend to use the vbox-dev mailing list because that one is monitored much more closely for development related questions.
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