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assigning physical CD/DVD Rom drive

PostPosted: 12. Apr 2008, 05:46
by edurrant

Has anyone else seen this problem ?

I can mount ISOs as drive D: to a WinXP SP2 Guest running on the OS/2 build of VB 1.5.6 but I can't assign the actual physical (S: on my host system) DVD-Rom drive - the field and pulldown list is blank and also won't allow me to simply type in S:.



PostPosted: 12. Apr 2008, 09:24
by hermi

Known issues:

- Vbox/2 can't access physical devices (cdrom, floppy, HD, comport, USB),
only images

PostPosted: 12. Apr 2008, 12:44
by edurrant
Oh, I missed that - thanks.

Interestinglu\y what I can do is share the DVD drive under eComStation and map it as a network drive in the windows client and when mapped, Windows realises it is a CD and autostarts the setup program on it. I wonder if it would do that on any network drive where I put an autorun file ? Could be quite useful...