All guest Windows Platform will suddenly abort

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All guest Windows Platform will suddenly abort

Postby Paul-LKW » 12. Jul 2013, 07:47

I am running VIrtualbox based in Host System FreeBSD 8.2 and also one box in 8.4, however I find since version 4.0.x if the guest OS is Windows the VNC (I am using TightVNC) will cause guest abort (use windows inside remote desktop never abort) to run and need start again the guest OS from command line or phpvirtualbox.
Also tried to downgrade , upgrade and downgrade :cry: to see does any other version would has such issue fixed and no lucky, so want to see does anyone meet such issue and has a solution(s).

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Re: All guest Windows Platform will suddenly abort

Postby noteirak » 12. Jul 2013, 13:17

FreeBSD people have their own port of Virtualbox, not supported here, so you would need to ask them about this...
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