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hosts file

Postby Bucky » 28. Feb 2008, 02:00

I'm setting up oracle db in a Fedora 7 vdi.
It need hosts file with fully qualified name.
I have set up a domain name with dnydns and added it to my router but I'm unclear how to handle the hosts file
oracle readme says format should be
<IP address> <fully qualified machine name> <machine name>
The vm thinks its, but my router says its
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Postby frank » 28. Feb 2008, 12:13

You are using the NAT network interface, therefore the IP of your guest is in every case. Your guest will not be directly visible from the outside as long as you use NAT. Consult the user manual to find out which networking types are appropriate for you.
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Postby Bucky » 28. Feb 2008, 19:00

Thanks Frank,
looks like NAT with port forwarding is the way to go.
Oracle wants port range of 1024 65000.
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Postby Bucky » 1. Mar 2008, 00:54

I'm not clear on how to open the ports with vboxmanage. The exampe in the manual is hard to decifer.
Is it 3 separate entries from the command line or is it a script?
Can it be done while the vm is running?
Is it persistent, or must it be run every time the vm is started? If so, how to automate this?
How would I open a range of ports?
The example is for ssh, I'm not sure if this pertains to my setup. I have no references to ssh anywhere in my setup except I have a process called sshd which is sleeping.
The firewall and selinux are disabled.
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