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VirtuaBox OSE on server

PostPosted: 1. Dec 2008, 16:52
by gcaillat

Does any know if it's possible to deploy VB OSE on servers?
It seems VB OSE does not include RDP, but I don't need it since ssh is enough. And we don't want to buy an entreprise license, since we are working on an open source project (academic).



PostPosted: 1. Dec 2008, 20:38
by TerryE
You can of course still use the PEUL version for academic use, but if you deliberately want to stick to the OSE version to stay within the FLOSS family, then yes it is possible. You need to install various X support modules for it to load, but there are posts on the forum which discuss how to mod the package so that you don't need X support on your server.

The advantage of installing X on the server is that you can then always start up gdx and use VNC to connect to the server running VBoxSDL in the rare occasions that you do need to debug VM start-up prior to SSH coming up.

PostPosted: 2. Dec 2008, 13:23
by gcaillat
Thank you!
OSE version should do the work...