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Discussions related to using the OSE version of VirtualBox.

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Postby rusdiarso » 14. Nov 2008, 11:15

Hi, all, i'm new member from Indonesia :D
Is it possible to create one vm-guest, and sharing to others ?

thank's all
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Postby TerryE » 14. Nov 2008, 13:28

Rusdiarso, hi and welcome to our forum. You might want to take this opportunity to browse the Forum Posting Guide. This contains some useful tips on how to search for VBox knowledge and how to frame Qs.

Your question can be read many ways, each with a different answer and I'm not sure which one you are looking for. Yes, a VM can be used just the same as a real machine and provide the same services. Yes, you can package up a VDI with an install script so that you can install it on multiple PCs.
Read the Forum Posting Guide
Google your Q or search for the answer before posting.
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Postby rusdiarso » 15. Nov 2008, 03:32

Thank's TerryE, you were right, maybe my question it's too commons :oops:
i'll try to browse in this forum, thank's anyway :D
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