build VBox6.1.40

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build VBox6.1.40

Post by naiquan »

I have the following error while compiling Vbox6.1.4:

kBuild: Pass - Build Programs
kmk: *** No rule to make target 'C:/VBoxBuild/VirtualBox/out/win.amd64/release/lib/VBoxBldProg-libssl.lib', needed by 'C:/VBoxBuild/VirtualBox/out/win.amd64/release/obj/bldRTSignTool/bldRTSignTool.exe'. Stop.

Did I set something wrong?
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Re: build VBox6.1.40

Post by mpack »

Neither of your two topics concern running VirtualBox on Windows Hosts, hence I have moved both topics to "VirtualBox OSE".

I'm afraid that you may struggle to find anyone who has bothered to build the code on Windows hosts. 99.99% will have downloaded the pre-built version.
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Re: build VBox6.1.40

Post by fth0 »

Official information about building VirtualBox on Windows hosts: Windows build instructions.
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