Compiling in 64bit F9

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Compiling in 64bit F9

Postby Cheeseness » 2. Oct 2008, 10:04

Hi all

I've spent the last day or two trying to compile VirtualBox from source under Fedora 9 on a 64 bit machine.

Now that I've just had a successful compile, I thought I'd make note of some of the issues I encountered which may be of help to someone in the future.

Firstly, configure didn't pick up libxmu-devel as being a requirement, so that needed installing.

Secondly, apparently as of Fedora 8, SDL libraries are provided as dynamic libraries rather than static ones. I had an error saying that the linker (ld) could not find -lsdlmain. The package we need in that situation is SDL-static.

Thirdly, there were issues with configure being able to locate the 32 bit headers. Configure was looking for /usr/include/gnu/stubbs-32.h and yum wouldn't let me install glibc-headers.i386 (which is the package that provides it). In the end, I had to download and force the install of that package (which so far as I can tell broke every devel package) and then force the install of glibc-headers.x86_64 (which fixed them all again).

I felt pretty dodgey doing that last step, but it made configure happy and I've had a successful compile and install.

Now let's see if it actually runs happily.

Edit: Fixed the subject (whoops!)
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