seamless mode restriction

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seamless mode restriction

Postby drone1 » 30. Sep 2008, 20:26

I currently run several different Windows guests and other operating systems on a Linux host. I have discovered the 'Seamless Mode' for windows is restricted to the display starting at point 0,0 .

Presently, I have 3 displays, all running at 1680x1050, starting at Display 0,1,2 , left to right. Seamless Mode, for any of my Windows guests, ONLY works on Display 0, starting point 0,0 . I formally had the X displays set up as 1,0,2 (left to right) and discovered it would only work on Display 1, at point 0,0. That brought me to test it in my current set up.

I also discovered, through my brother, that using 'Seamless Mode' on Windows Guests in Linux hosts with Nvidia's 'Twin-View' enabled, an X option in linux for those not versed, spills the Windows Toolbar across the entire 2 screens set up for Twin-View. This is, of course, expected behavior as to the nature and purpose of the 'Twin-View'.

I don't necessarily consider it a bug, per se, but am curious as to whether such a restriction could be lifted? I originally discovered this back at version 1.6.2, and thought maybe it hadn't been worked out yet, but with the release of 2.0.2, I see its still here.

If it is possible to fix this 'restriction' (IMO) I imagine many Virtualbox users would greatly appreciate it. For me, having multiple Windows Guests running in Seamless Mode, on their own display, would be very slick. If the binary install already contains such a feature, I would appreciate anyone with such knowledge to share it.

Others thoughts are appreciated....
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Postby nowell29 » 3. Oct 2008, 18:46

this is not a huge problem for me, but i have the same problem. It is more of an inconvenience right now. I was happy to see though that the seamless mode was "fixed" so that it didn't span across both of my monitors, and stay on just the one.
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