How to Connect to my main computers mapped drives

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How to Connect to my main computers mapped drives

Postby I-del » 22. Jul 2019, 16:01

I am currently running a Win 10 computer, my VirtualBox is running WInXP. VirtualBox Graphical User Interface,Version 5.2.6 r120293 (Qt5.6.2)
I'm new to using virtualbox and I've checked tutorials and the forum for my question, I haven't found anything and I'm sorry in advance if this has already been dealt with.
My question is, How to connect to my Main Computers mapped drives, so that on my WinXP VirtualBox I can access my Win10 mapped drives, and VisaVersa. I currently am using shared folders right now but it is very tedious. I'm very new so I'm looking for a beginners explanation, thank you.
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Re: How to Connect to my main computers mapped drives

Postby mpack » 22. Jul 2019, 17:25

You do not connect to another computers drives, especially not from an XP guest.

Create one folder on the host, share it with the guest using the VM folder settings (this requires you to install the Guest Additions, see chapter 4).

Don't put anything executable in that folder if you ever intend to run it on the host again. Assume that everything your XP guest can see can also be seen by the wider Internet: sometimes being paranoid is the most sensible course of action. Giving an XP guest free reign inside the hosts systems and documents folders would be insane.

If you absolutely insist, then the root folder of a drive can be shared like any other, provided your host OS allows root folder access to your user account.
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