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Re: Network configuration for Server/Client environment

PostPosted: 22. Jul 2019, 13:51
by scottgus1
Good attempt! Two other things I would suggest:
Try the same network setup, except with the pfSense WAN side getting an IP from the U's DHCP, instead of setting it to your host's normal static IP.

If you can get the pfSense working through DHCP, then your hosst could use the wifi card.

Since you tried the lab at home and found that it worked there, after this I think the only thing you could do is talk to the U's IT department and see if they can tell you what filters might be interfering and whether they could relax them for you.

Re: Network configuration for Server/Client environment

PostPosted: 4. Oct 2019, 21:39
by AndyA
Hi, Robidj,

There is a straightforward way to set up Windows Server and a Windows Pro client so that the client is connected to the domain (using the server's DHCP and DNS), the client and server can communicate and both have Internet access. My method does not use a third-party router (such as pfSense). It uses, instead, the routing role that can be added to Windows Server.

You can read the details here.

Don't be put off by the number of steps. It's all text, no graphics, but it works.

IMHO, this is the best way to obtain the results you want.

regards, AndyA