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Disable boot screen

PostPosted: 30. Jun 2019, 18:40
by MGadAllah
Is it possible to disable boot screen permanently from virtual machine booting process so I want the host OS to show directly.
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Re: Disable boot screen

PostPosted: 1. Jul 2019, 14:03
by scottgus1
Check out these commands in the manual, section 8.8. VBoxManage modifyvm:
Vboxmanage modifyvm "<vmname>" --bioslogofadein on|off
Vboxmanage modifyvm "<vmname>" --bioslogofadeout on|off
Vboxmanage modifyvm "<vmname>" --bioslogodisplaytime <msec>
Vboxmanage modifyvm "<vmname>" --bioslogoimagepath <imagepath>
Vboxmanage modifyvm "<vmname>" --biosbootmenu disabled|menuonly|messageandmenu

These appear to apply only to a particular guest, not globally. You will have to issue the command for each guest.

I have not tried these commands, but I would start with display time set to 0 milliseconds. If this does not work, then I would try:
fade in off, fade out off, display time 1 msec or the minimum allowed, boot menu disabled, and image path set to a completely black image.