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VM for all users.

PostPosted: 17. May 2019, 11:36
by banyour
I would like to create a virtual machine that is available to all users of the computer without having to load it.

Thanks :)

Re: VM for all users.

PostPosted: 17. May 2019, 13:29
by scottgus1
banyour wrote:without having to load it

Does this mean you want the guest available without the users having to start the guest themselves? If so try VboxVMservice. This app starts a guest when the computer boots, before the user logs in. Use Virtualbox's RDP to see the guest window. (You might also try to use the newer Detachable mode to see the guest's window, I don't know if this will work.)

Re: VM for all users.

PostPosted: 17. May 2019, 13:47
by banyour
Not exactly but thanks.
I need if I create a machine in my profile, that machine appears in the virtualbox of all the users that use the machine without having to click on the add button and look for it

Re: VM for all users.

PostPosted: 17. May 2019, 14:05
by scottgus1
The Virtualbox manual section 10.1.3 says that if the environment variable VBOX_USER_HOME is set to a particular folder on the host OS, that Virtualbox will look in that folder to find it's configuration and guest list.

Google how to set environment variables on you OS. Set VBOX_USER_HOME to point to a public folder that all accounts can access, and save your guest also in a public folder (see the main Virtualbox window, File menu, Preferences, General, Default Machine Folder, for where to make new guests).

Theoretically, logging in a different PC account, Virtualbox will see the environment variable, look in the public folder for the configuration file, and load up that list of guests.

Re: VM for all users.

PostPosted: 4. Jan 2021, 13:48
by white_rabbit2
there's a german community project called "leovirtstarter2" -- it's exactly what you are looking for: create a VM as a User and share it for everyone else on that host.

As I can't post URLs at the moment ... search for "leovirtstarter2 docs" and you'll find it.

The installation is not that easy as you have to solve several problems with permissions.
And I don't know if this project is still alive...


Re: VM for all users.

PostPosted: 4. Jan 2021, 14:49
by mpack
I don't know why a project (community or otherwise) would be required, since you can already do this quite easily - as Scott described, and have always been able to do it.