Boot order & "removable" SD card

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Boot order & "removable" SD card

Postby labumm » 7. May 2019, 19:29

I have VirtualBox 6.0 running on Win 10 64. I have successful installed xUbuntu 19.0.4 as the VM, which is all fine. At this point the only devices in the settings>storage for the VM is the 20GB virtual HD on SATA port 0 that contains the VM. I unmounted the virtual optical disk (distribution ISO) because I don't need it. Performing "fdisk -l" shows only the 20 GB virtual HD.

My goal is to use the linux VM to set up the SD card for an embedded linux controller in another system.

What is the best way to add an SD card? I have the .vmdk file created and I can get it to appear in the VM. But if set up the SD on the IDE it will try to boot that instead. The device boot order is not specific within the device type.
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Re: Boot order & "removable" SD card

Postby andyp73 » 10. May 2019, 09:34

If you want to be able to deploy the embedded Linux image to the SD card using fdisk and dd then your best option is to use a USB SD card reader.

You will need to setup a USB filter in VirtualBox to capture the device into the guest.

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