[Fixed] USB scanner stopped working in Virtualbox 6.0.6. (#18593)

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Re: USB scanner stopped working in Virtualbox 6.0.6. (#18593)

Postby PHforum » 22. Jun 2019, 20:37


same problem under 6.0.6

Solution : work again with usb3 xHCI !

inspired by ticket/18593
For the sake completeness: Your host does not need to have USB 3.0 support for VirtualBox to emulate the xHCI (aka "USB 3.0") controller. The xHCI controller handles USB traffic of all speeds, if you have no USB 3.0 on the host it just means the emulated controller will never see SuperSpeed (USB 3.0) devices, but it will handle USB 1.x and 2.0 devices just fine.

- to install USB 3.0 support in XP guests : search virtualbox viewtopic 91053
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Re: USB scanner stopped working in Virtualbox 6.0.6. (#18593)

Postby socratis » 16. Jul 2019, 19:39

Fixed with VirtualBox 6.0.10, please try it and confirm.
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Re: [Fixed] USB scanner stopped working in Virtualbox 6.0.6. (#18593)

Postby qu1j0t3 » 26. Dec 2020, 16:10

I'm glad I found this topic, because I just had a similar problem with this setup:
  • VirtualBox 6.1.16 on OS X 10.14.6
  • Windows XP guest
  • Fujitsu fi-4530C USB ADF scanner

Even though I had put thousands of pages through this setup on earlier versions of VirtualBox, the combination above performed very badly, hanging during scanning batches after half a dozen pages or more. Generally very difficult to use the scanner, power cycling and unplugging would sometimes fix the problem.

Based on the hints in this thread I reverted VirtualBox to 6.0.24 and it's now behaving perfectly (i.e. just as it used to).
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